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March 15, 2022

Mr. Steven  Siewert, Chief
Hamburg Fire Department
350 Maria Avenue
P.O. Box 34
Hamburg, Minnesota 55339

Dear Chief Siewert:

As I was in the process of writing you a letter commending the actions of  Members of the Hamburg Fire Department for their prompt, professional and coordinated response to a medical emergency at our home last Saturday, what are the chances that I'd have to request your Department's assistance for ANOTHER medical emergency twenty-five and a half hours later at the SAME address involving the SAME individual ?? !!

Last Saturday and Sunday were the second and third times since moving to Hamburg in 2007 that I've needed to request the services of your dedicated, well equipped and highly trained  Fire Department Members, to render medical assistance in our home as the result of a sudden onset of an illness or injury. You may (or may not) recall that the first request to your Department was about three or four years ago when the victim suddenly suffered cardiac and respiratory arrest due to a ruptured aorta. Upon my dialing 9-1-1, members of your Department responded and medically supported the victim until the arrival of an ambulance from Ridgeview Medical Center which transported the victim to Abbott-Northwestern Hospital in Minneapolis.

Statistics show that the sudden onset of an aortic rupture has a mortality rate of about 80%.

Combining that mortality rate with cardiac & respiratory arrest and an extended ambulance trip from Hamburg to a hospital in Minneapolis during 'rush hour', the odds of survival were strongly against the victim. Yet; the victim survived !!

I believe you are aware of my professional background; that's why I TOTALLY credit that survival to the initial receiving and efficient dispatching of the 9-1-1 call by dispatchers for the CARVER COUNTY SHERIFF'S OFFICE, the quick and knowledgeable response, and subsequent care of the victim  by the 'First Responders' of the HAMBURG FIRE DEPARTMENT, the quick assessment and treatment of the victim by RIDGEVIEW MEDICAL CENTER PARAMEDICS, coupled with the excellent emergency care the patient also received from the hospital staff upon arrival there.

Chief Steven Siewert
Hamburg Fire Department
March 15, 2022
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Once again this weekend, the 'stars (CCSO, HFD & RMC-A) became aligned'; not just ONCE, but TWICE !!  I'm very happy and pleased to report that the outcome of these latest medical emergencies was once again 'favorable'. After spending about seven hours in the Emergency Room at Ridgeview Medical Center on Sunday, the victim was released and is resting and recuperating at home here in Hamburg.  For that, I credit the 'handling' of the initial call to the "9-1-1 System" dispatcher(s), the prompt response, professional, coordinated & application of medical knowledge and experience of those who responded, their training and experience as well as the availability of  necessary equipment required, when combined, all contributed to achieve a 'successful outcome'.

Needless to say, such EXCELLENCE can NOT go unnoticed; hence this letter.

You will also be interested, and impressed, that upon being alerted of the first medical emergency call by the Carver County Sheriff's Office dispatcher on Saturday at 9:41AM; the first responding HFD unit and personnel ARRIVED at 9:44AM. The second medical emergency call by the Carver County Sheriff's Office dispatcher alerted your Department at 11:00AM; the first responding HFD unit and personnel  ARRIVED AT 11:03AM !!

Please express our sincere gratitude to the Hamburg Fire Department Members that responded each time and were a HUGE part in the very 'successful outcome' of these emergency events.


The citizens of Hamburg, and the surrounding area for which your Department is responsible, are very fortunate, indeed; to have such a great, well equipped Fire Department with such outstanding, dedicated, professional personnel who are ready, willing and available to respond, when needed, at a moments notice.

To that end and to raise 'public awareness' of the outstanding performance of your Department that I PERSONALLY WITNESSED, I've made note of their commendable, excellent and well coordinated efforts on my Website,

Richard Odoms
150 Jacob Street
Hamburg, Minnesota 55339

cc: Carver County Sheriff Jason Kamerud
     Ridgeview Medical Center
     Carver County Commissioner John Fahey
     Hamburg City Council