Current Hamburg Resident And Former Hamburg City Council Member (2013-2016)

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This picture is looking north on South Jacob Street from just north of the TC&W Railroad tracks in Hamburg (Minnesota) and was taken on
June 29, 2020; the day before the reconstruction began on June 30, 2020.
Subject to verification and according
to what I've heard,
this  road was
about thirty
years ago !
This picture, taken June 30, 2020, is looking south on Jacob Street toward the
TC&W Railroad tracks after the FIRST DAY of that reconstruction.
This picture, taken July 2, 2020, is looking north on South Jacob Street toward the TC&W
Railroad tracks after
the first layer of
blacktop was
put down.
This picture, taken July 27, 2020, shows hot tar being applied to the first layer of blacktop before laying the  final layer of blacktop.

The hot tar is applied over the first layer to ensure that  both layers 'bond' togther
to ensure that the road will
last a long time.
This picture, taken July 2, 2020, shows the first layer of blacktop after it has been put down.

Once the second layer of blacktop is laid, the roadway will be flush with the curb shown below.
I  Couldn't Even Begin To Count The Number Of Times That I Saw Brad Driving Up And Down Jacob
Street Keeping A 'Close Watch' On The Progress Of The Road Reconstruction Project.
Click On The 'Thumbnail' Photos Below To Make Them Larger
Click On The 'Thumbnail' Photos Below To Make Them Larger

Thanks To The
831831 Park Avenue  *  P.O. Box 247  *  Hamburg, Minnesota 55339
Telephone: (952) 467-2720  *  E-mail:
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Brad STILL On The Job Ensuring Everything Is PERFECT !!
The curb in front of this resident's landscaping effort had to be replaced. When the old curb was removed, please note the exceptional care that was taken to rake the landscaping chips back from the curb BY HAND rather than ripping them out with a Bobcat or similar machine.

Once the new curb was installed and the forms removed, everything was restored to as it was originally by the WM. MUELLER & SONS crew.

Now, that's CLASS !!
This unit 'eats blacktop'
like there's no tomorrow !!

It had South Jacob Street
for 'breakfast' on June 30th.
I'd never really observed a road being reconstructed so I thought that I'd chronicle it taking place with my CCTV Security Cameras. As far as I'm concerned, the entire project, from start to finish, was like a well choreographed ballet !!

Causing little to no inconvenience to the residents of South Jacob Street, the employees of WM. MUELLER & SONS were organized, neat, efficient, courteous, coordinated and a true joy to observe.

for having such a