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Tell a friend about this page

The Mayor of ANY City, regardless of size, is the person that is ABSOLUTELY and TOTALLY RESPONSIBLE for ANYTHING and EVERYTHING that takes place in their City. PERIOD !! Since his election as the Mayor of Hamburg, I've sent NUMEROUS letters to Hamburg Mayor Chris Lund seeking information about various topics that Taxpayers would find to be VERY 'INTERESTING' about what's taking place in our 'small town' of around 500 residents.

We've all heard about 'SMALL TOWN POLITICS', the 'GOOD OLD BOYS CLUB' and all the other monikers, now you'll have a chance to read the letters that I've written to Lund seeking answers as to just SOME of what is taking place in our City. And 'WHY' !! As JUST ONE, DID YOU KNOW that, FOR AN EXTENDED PERIOD OF TIME, the City of Hamburg was WITHOUT EMERGENCY BACKUP power for the CITY'S WELLS ?? Had their been a FIRE in the City when the POWER  supplied to the City by XCEL ENERGY was 'OUT' (like during a storm), the results could have been CATASTROPHIC !!

PUBLIC OFFICALS are PAID WITH TAXPAYER DOLLARS and, as such, they are ACCOUNTABLEto TAXPAYERS !! But Lund thinks he's 'special' and has a CONSISTENT 'track record' of REFUSING TO ANSWER my letters to him seeking information about what's taking place in the City of Hamburg. (Check back to see unanswered letters sent to Lund.)

You'll ALSO see the letter that I sent to Lund when he was seeking to be elected to the position CARVER COUNTY COMMISSIONER upon Jim Ische's retirement. Lund, (who received only 14 votes from Hamburg residents), ONCE AGAIN, DIDN'T RESPOND !! You'll find that Lund's REFUSAL to respond to that particular letter because of what his responses would show, VERY REVEALING as to his 'character'. Lund's being elected as a CARVER COUNTY COMMISSIONER was a 'long shot', it is FORTUNATE for ALL Carver County residents, it DIDN'T HAPPEN !!

You Might Find Interesting; My 'EARLY REMEMBERANCES' Of  Chris Lund When I Moved To Hamburg In March 2007.

First, Lund REALLY LIKED My (Initial) HAMBURG WEBSITE !! So Much So, In Fact, That He Asked Me To Put A 'Link' On My HAMBURG WEBSITE To His Personal 'HAMBURG BLOG SPOT Post'. I REFUSED !!

Second, Lund Approached Me And Wanted Me To 'Take Turns' With Him 'Spending The Day At City Hall' And 'Take Notes' So That 'We Could See What The City Clerk/Treasurer Really Does All Day'. I REFUSED !! 

Lastly, I VIVIDLY Recall A 'CONTINGENT OF CITY OFFICIALS' Showing Up At My Door One Cold Fall Night Asking Me To Use The Power & Popularity Of My HAMBURG WEBSITE To 'Block' Lund From Being Elected In An Upcoming Election After It Became Known That He Had Announced His Filing For A Position On The Hamburg City Council.  Again, I REFUSED !!

'Small Town' Politics; You Gotta LOVE It !! Oh, Yeah; There's More, MUCH MORE; Please Check Back. Thanks !

NOTE: The purpose of the Webmaster, this Website and its related Webpages, is NOT to interpret, ONLY to inform !!

Anyone with questions is directed to contact the Hamburg City Clerk/Treasurer at (952) 467-3232 or
via e-mail to cityadmin@cityof