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Hi Dick: I meant to tell you last week that the interview with Mike was great. WE really enjoyed it.

Just to let you know that Thurs. line up was all messed up, Your show was not aired till 10:00. I had a doctor appointment at 10. Luckily I installed a VLC media player and I was able to record that show and listen to it today.

You always have an entertaining show and really do a great job. Thank You for doing it each week. God Bless and have a great week. Polkatively Yours, Linda and Tom

Hi there Delta - Just wanted to write you a short note thanking you for the shout out on today's radio program! :-) That was quite a surprise and made me smile this morning! :-)

Still listen to your program every Thursday at is going on 3 years since I first started listening to you...2015...can you believe that...3 years!!!!

Yet-your program is still entertaining as ever-the best, and really enjoy your style! In fact, if you recall you sent me a complimentary copy of your show a while ago, and I listen to the CD from time to time when I need my Delta fix! haha!

On a personal note- Hope you are doing well. Anyways, keep up the great work Delta, and all the best to you in Deltaville, USA!!!!!

If You Would Like To Be A Guest On My 'DELTA DICK' Series Of Internet Show
Broadcasts,  Please Send  An E-mail To Me At

Tell a friend about this page
Tell a friend about this page
               Just Some Of The Many E-mails Received About Me,
My Show & My Websites .........

"Hi Dick: Great show and interview with Nathan Neuman today. He is a very talented young man. I first saw him on Molly B Polka show on RFD TV.

This CD along with Ted Lange’s daughter, Ali should be in everyone’s collection for sure

I was surprised to find out that Nathan is related to the Langer Sisters. His Cd is also available at Jimmy K’s Polka and at Polka

Loved that Birthday song for Randy, I never heard that one before. He did a great job on that one.

You always get some great guest on to interview. That is why you have one of the best shows on 247 Polka heaven. Linda and I always enjoy listening to you.

Have a great weekend and God Bless,

Polkatively Yours, Linda and Tom"

"I am in Binghamton New York. I am a big fan of he Delta Dick Show and have been for a long time. Love the music and your interesting communication." Bill from Birmingham, New York

"Great show Delta; keep up the zany. HA HA." Ray from Pennsylvania

"Hi Delta : Where else can you get all the different music, The information that Delta has to offer and the entertainment all in an hour show. The only show of its kind anywhere. The fastest hour ever."

"As of this writing, I don't know what the new schedule changes are, but I'm sure they are fine.  Continuously, over the past 43 years, I've had at least a weekly radio show-usually more.  What was drilled into me early, is that a radio show host does not own the air time.  The audience comes first.  All things considered, You must have made the best schedule for all.  Thanks for your efforts.  Feel free to share."  

Who doesn't want another hour of airtime?  I will say that I am in if you decide to change the network to 2-hour segments.  I appreciated the comments that Delta Dick gave and it made me think of a few things as well.  Altering the network for 2 hour shows will now change the flavor of the network in a lessening way. Normally a listener has the variety of a different format each hour.  With the 2-hour format, you might have listeners no longer tuning in because they cannot get that variety. Say someone does not like Polish style, they may turn off 247 entirely because they would have to wait another hour for "their" music.  I think you will have a very difficult task of re-arranging shows to keep some of the IJs in their favorite spots.  Not that you aren't up for it, but I agree with Delta Dick in that many listeners are used to their favorite show in a particular time spot.  Many of my listeners do not listen to me at my appointed time, they listen to one of the repeat air times.

I also agree that doing a 2-hour show may actually be a bit of a burden.  I currently produce a 2-hour weekly radio show and a one hour podcast in addition to my 247 show.  I try not to use the same material in any of these shows.  The 2-hour weekly has always been the hardest to get complete in time.

I did not see any other "reply all" emails from our fellow IJs, maybe they spoke their opinions directly to you.  Always appreciate what you do, Ray, thanks for the suggestions."

"Nice website. Thanks for helping me out. It is great music, great advertisement. May God Bless." Phyllis Hummel

"Hi Polka Cuzzin Delta Dick..... Listened to your show tonight.... Thank you so much for featuring my new CD  "Let's Dance"  twas nice of you.... Your delivery was right on.... Appreciate it...... We are now busy arranging for yet another new CD titled  "Music makes the world go round" which will be recorded at the Tony Bennett and Disney Studios in May of next year.... Stay well & Keep Big Band and Polka Music alive.... Musically Yours.... Walt Procanyn..... N.Y.C."

"Enjoy your program. I liked the one featuring an hour of the Jimmy Sturr Band. I am listening  at my office in the basement of Student Activities Center at UCLA. Your program plays at 8:00 to 9:00 am.

"I enjoy your  Webpage and check it quite often."

"Hi Richard: I meant to write sooner but have been busy. I just wanted to say we are really enjoying the old show that you are running this summer. That was a great idea of yours to do this. Hope it is nice at the lake. It sure is summer now, this past week it has been in the upper 80’s and low 90’s. But I am not complaining it sure beats freezing temps. God Bless and have a great week."

"Dick, Your Webpage looks fantastic.  Wow, what a talent you have.  I am very impressed." 

"Hi; I really enjoy listening to your polka show. I love that you play polkas from years ago up to the present date."

"I'm a 65 year old male living in  Springfield, MO. There are no polka dances around here. So, I rely on your polka show for polkas!!"

"Love your show !!"

"Dick, You said everything I believe in. As what Rush would hear, "dittos"..."

"Delta Dick; You're the authority.  You're the man when it comes to finding those blasts from the past.....some that we would think were obsolete."

"Nice job Delta Dick."

"Hi Delta, I'm listening on Wed on March 30, and you just played the most beautiful German song. I think it's Aba dich (I'm Polish, so I'm guessing at that :)"

"Just wanted you to know that I lways enjoy your shows." Shirley in Plymouth, Michigan.

"Dick;  Congratulations on your new site!"

"Dick: Every time I check your site there is something new.   I am impressed!"

"Dick, It was great seeing you as well. My wife and I went to the 50th Anniversary party for North Ambulance Service tonight. I saw Chuck Lindstrom, Mike Murphy, Ricky Karnitz, Ron Robinson, and a great many of the old North paramedics.   I brought your name up to many and they of course recognized the famous name behind the dulcet tones of the great Dick Odoms.  You are a legend."

"Heard from Brandi Yaeck's sister how nice you were to put her benefit info on your Website. What a nice gesture."

"Hello Dick, I am Judy Feltmann, you stopped by my house to drop off your CD, business card and donation.  I want to follow up today by first saying "THANK YOU" for the generous donation of the  Gift Card.  I have been in total shock with the response we have seen to the benefit........some by people like yourself who have never met Brandi."

"Thanks for all you do !!!"

"I love your Website! Thanks Delta!"

"Hello Delta! It's really very interesting to read all this information concerning your Hamburg and to see these nice pictures!"

"I thank you for being a man of your word."

"Caught your program last night at midnight EST in its entirety.  Just wanted to drop you a few lines to thank you for featuring our 'Resurgence' CD from end to end; much appreciated !!

"Hey Delta Dick: Great show on Monday morning at 2-3am. Keep up the good work."

"My name is Theresa Narvinski from Pennsylvania and I recently caught your show showcasing Bud Hundenski & the Corsairs and their new CD "Resurgence." I have to say that is best polka music I've heard in years and hope you will continue to air it and styles similar."

"Thanks again for a great show and will continue to listen on a regular basis."

"Thank You - it's nice having neighbors like you and Stan."

"I LOVE YOUR WEBSITE!! How wonderful of you to spend your time doing this! What a positive impact you make on many lives every day! I wish someone from your neighboring city of Glencoe would do this for us!! Thanks SO Much!"

"Take care of yourself and Happy Holidays.... Congrats also on "making a difference" in your community.... :)"



Thanks for your public service; you do so much and probably don't get recognized for any of it. But, you are a wonderful asset for Carver County and Hamburg and for your radio listening community; you're just a great guy. Thanks so much."

"My prayer would be more Dick Odoms' would rise up and get involved in their lives, in their communities and in our way of life!  Our future needs courageous leaders who are not afraid to “challenge” the process and our leaders.   America needs our involvement more than ever because of the polarizations that is taking place at all levels of government and our lives.  I have tried to think of any part of my life where government in NOT involved in some way, shape or form.  While I believe we cannot live without “the people” looking out for each other, I believe we have created a monster that has an appetite we cannot sustain.  Something has to give……"

"Thank you for taking such an interest in the Office and my journey. It has been enjoyable to connect and reconnect over the years."

"Wishing you Life’s Best today and everyday !! Many blessings in the New Year."

Byron 'Bud' Olson, Sheriff of Carver County, Minnesota (Retired)

"Dick, always nice to view your Website."

"Hi Dick: Thanks so much for your help. Your show is awesome. Swinging Country really appreciates that.incerelly, Phyllis Hummel.

"Hi Delta – I sent a mass e-mail to my fan club and told them all to listen to your show and heard back from a few of them that did.  All positive responses.  You did a wonderful job – thanks so much for your work you do on our behalf.  We really appreciate it." 
Julie Lee & The White Rose Band.

"Dick:  We actually have your  site ( on our Intranet, so we can check it if we think there may have been severe weather!  It's fun to see all the weather stations on Weatherunderground.  Thanks also for promoting (Severe Weather) Awareness Week.  We do appreciate it.  Watch out for the sirens on Thursday!  Make sure you simulate going to the basement. Todd" (Todd Krause, National Weather Service Forecast Office-Chanhassen, Minnesota)

"Thank you for keeping our posting on your Website.  No new sightings since the day after Christmas, so who knows which direction they headed!  It has been nearly 8 weeks and my hope is dwindling, but.....everyone tells me dogs are very good at fending for themselves.....even backyard-city dogs??"

Thanks again.  I appreciate your concern (and love your Website!)." Terri Denney

"Was out at the Website today. Really liked the picture of the tree covered with snow."

"Hello Delta! It's really very interesting to read all this information concerning your Hamburg Webpage and to see these nice pictures!"

"Mr. Odoms, Website looks great !!" Jeremy Gruenhagen, Hamburg City Clerk-Treasurer

"Hey guy; you took a picture of my house on Sunday the 22, when will it be on your Webpage? Thanks."

"Your web site about Hamburg is awesome, Thanks for taking the time and doing it. Hope you have great New Year and please keep up the great job you have done with your web site for the City of Hamburg." Linda Mueller, lifelong resident of Hamburg and Larry Mueller, assistant Mayor to the honorable (former) Mayor Mike Buckentin.

"I am the vice president of the Hamburg Hunting and Fishing Club.  I am sending this email to see if it is possible to advertise our 2010 sportsmen's calendar on your hamburg Website. You are free to check out our Website at  Click on the sportsman's calendar and it will show you everything you will need to know. I also do sales for is it possible to put a ad on the Website for bohlmann exteriors?  Thanks." Josh Kroells

"Delta Dick, I like what you have done with the Website. It is much easier to open in the new Windows." Chris Lund

"Information on the Alex Gieseke benefit is attached. Alex's grandparents Gus & Linda Peterson live near Hamburg. Please post info on your Website. Thanks!"

"Good Morning Dick: Thank you for your email.  The credit on your invoice for $6.72 is due to a lower rate.  The rate changed for all residents in your City effective 8/1/08.  A new contract was negotiated with your City therefore we had to post the credit on your December invoice. The recycling charges are not dependant upon the size of the container.  Recycling is an unlimited service therefore there is one flat charge to all customers regardless of the size of your container. Thank you for choosing Waste Management!
Jennifer, Customer Service"

"Can you give details on this year Zummerfest?"

"I recently came across the Website for Hamburg and noticed St. Paul's Evangelical Reformed Church, Hamburg, is absent from the Website. Could you please add our church as well as link it to our Website. If you are not the one I need to contact please let me know."

"Hello!! I was on the unofficial Website,, but I didn't see a listing of events for the Zummerfest in June. Did I miss it??"

"Sir, I had recently sent you a flyer presenting an upcoming event for veterans to obtain information at a Veterans Benefits Fair on October 28th. I was reassured that it could be viewed on the unofficial Hamburg Website that you provide. As of today, I still have not seen it posted.  If there was a problem with the attachment please let me know if I can be of any assistance." 

"I appreciate your Website to serve the Hamburg area."

"Hi Delta Dick - How's it goin? I am so glad you have a WX station - is it much trouble? Hey - Did you listen to the broadcast about Pawlenty getting to be V.P. ( if McCain gets it & it looks like he will) then Molnau will be our gov!! Can't we get rid of her????? I mean without hurting her that is. Have a good Valentines Day! From Green Isle."

"Dick, Yesterday afternoon, we were able to view the flyer on your Website.  I would like to thank you for your assistance with the posting, and for making it possible to reach out to the public on information that may impact the lives in the community of Hamburg. With sincere appreciation !"

"Hello Delta! Thank you very, very much for your e-mail! It's really very interesting to read all this information concerning your Hamburg and to see these nice pictures!"

"At the moment I'm still investigating for the article concerning all the Hamburg's in the world; as soon as it will be written I'll send you the link so that you read the text - and see your photo in our newspaper! Bye!"

"Hi Delta Dick - For quite a while your station info came up whenever I plugged into Weather Underground, but now Faxon is there - I don't want Faxon, you are the closest to me (Green Isle) so what happened? And how do I fix it? See ya from G.I."

"Hi: My name is Wendy and am originally from Hamburg.  My dad used to be the postmaster in the 1950's-1960's.  I was wondering if anyone has any photos of the old public school or teacher  Miss Hildur Carlson?  We moved from Hamburg when I was 12 but I attended the school up until then and would love to see photos or make copies as I have none.   Thank you for your help."

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