"What a mess, and farce, and taxpayers are footing the bill.  Where is common sense ?"

"I looked at your website – you have quite the story."

"Dick, I don't think people care, plain & simple. The fact they don't "know" is apathy, laziness for many, some are working several jobs, trying to raise a family, and are exhausted."

"How much money did the City of Hamburg waste on attorneys fees related to your website?" (So far; the city has spent, as near as I can calculate, about $50,000.00 !! At the Budget Meeting in September, Hamburg Mayor Richard Malz called for the 2016 budget for legal fees to be INCREASED by an ADDITIONAL $9,000.00; for a total of $15,000.00 for 'legal expenses' in 2016 !!)

"Hello Mr. Odoms, I saw your website in the NYA Times.  Bravo!!!  Who says an “alien implant” (a term I’m using to explain how some of us feel who are not “native born sons”) can’t be heard and can’t have some say?  I’ve heard one disgruntled newcomer to the local area describe it this way:  “You’re a nobody and have no real sense of belonging or feeling welcome unless you have three generations of ancestors buried in the local cemetery.”  The citizens of Hamburg and the surrounding area are very fortunate to have you “telling it like it is”.  Don’t let anyone intimidate you into giving up.  You are a TRUE public servant and so much more!!!  More small towns around here need a Richard Odoms.  Perhaps you will be the “spark” that will spread."
"A nearby local “implant” since 1974."

"I also reside in Hamburg & I'm very interested in WHY the city had to hire an attorney regarding your informational website.   I feel if the city (clerk) had been more proactive in his job and had a city website that actually provided residents with useful information,  this never would have happened!"

"Holy cow Dick! I commend you on the path you have taken with this issue."

"Good Morning Richard: The website looks great!! It has a completely different look GREAT JOB!! Thank you so much for all the hard work you do, for the city and for your listeners. I wish we had someone like you in our city government."

"I applaud you for all your time.  The city had absolutely no business using "our" money to go after you! That could have gone toward our water bills for a month as a resident bonus, as our water/waste bills are ridiculous.   I know we need a new water tower, but why hasn't the city been putting money aside for the last 25-30 years!  They had to have known back then.  Plus for a city of 500 I think we should be sharing a city clerk with Green Isle, and we could have a full-time assistant & save a lot of money & headaches. Thanks again."

"Thank you very much for your honesty,  it's so seldom for elected positions."

"In most cases, new council members are expected to 'go with the flow'..keep quiet! You're newly elected; you can't have any new ideas! Good luck."

"I did see the article and I've read your site as recent as last week. What Privacy information are they referring to?"

"Keep the spirit and action going with the website on City officials and activities."

"As someone that deals with this alongside corporate lawyers, I either have missed something or your accusers are 'seeing' things. Good luck."

"I looked at the article and your website. Very impressive article. I am sure they will keep on pressuring you to back down. I am sure you will not though."

"I can totally relate to the fact that a person of integrity can't be anybody but who they are or not stick up for what they really believe in, regardless of how mad it makes other people or how much it upsets the apple cart, especially when you know, for sure, they are the ones in the wrong !!!!"

"They want you to give in & knuckle under or turn a blind eye to their 'business as usual' ." "Sounds atypical of many City elected officials."

"Whew ... just who might be familiar with "small town politics"!  At least you're doing it from a position of a co-equal Council member.  I applaud your willingness to step forward to serve your community but as you've discovered 'there are so many individual agendas' ... its difficult to prepare for all of them. Jealousy can raise it's head when least expected."

"The "agenda" for City Council & Mayor is quite simple it would seem....do what's best for Hamburg and it's residents!  Beyond that point...it begins to reflect negatively when their individual and/or respective goals venture into areas that reflect self-interest rather than Community Interest."

"I applaud your community interest and your willingness to truly serve your own community. Good luck."

"Hello Mr. Odoms, I'm delighted to hear that your "email phone" is ringing off the hook!  I  can't imagine their content being anything but encouraging and uplifting !"

"You obviously have always had the best interests of the city in your efforts and yes, politics are very real and sometimes

"Count me in as being one of your fans and supporters !"

"In most cases, new council members are expected to 'go with the flow'..keep quiet! You're newly elected; you can't have any new ideas! Good luck."

"May just have to go sit in on a Hamburg City Council meeting since it's open to the public."

"Sounds like you have your hands full. Knowing you the way I do I do not think you will back down. The city council meetings are public correct? So the meeting minutes should be public for everyone to make up their own mind. I am sure that most people that know both sides of the situation agree with you."

"Your web site about Hamburg is awesome, Thanks for taking the time and doing it. Hope you have great New Year and please keep up the great job you have done with your Website for the City of Hamburg."

"My prayer would be more Dick Odoms would rise up and get involved in their lives, in their communities and in our way of life! Our future needs courageous leaders who are not afraid to “challenge” the process and our leaders. America needs our involvement more than ever because of the polarizations that is taking place at all levels of government and our lives. I have tried to think of any part of my life where government in NOT involved in some way, shape or form. While I believe we cannot live without “the people” looking out for each other, I believe we have created a monster that has an appetite we cannot sustain. Something has to give. "Wishing you Life’s Best today and everyday !!"

"You're a busy guy, with lots of energy, ideas, and accomplishments."

"I will be curious to hear what the results are from the search being done." "Hope all goes well and soon!"

"Hey, Richard, Keep Up The Awesome Work !"

A VERY INTERESTING Letter Written By A Former Jordan City Council Member Appeared In The Saturday, July 25th
Edition Of The Minneapolis Star-Tribune Newspaper Which Raises Many Of The Same Issues And Concerns That I
Have As A Hamburg City Council Member. To Read That Letter, PLEASE CLICK HERE. Then, PLEASE SEND YOUR THOUGHTS & COMMENTS To Me.

In a recent Minneapolis Star-Tribune article describing some 'questionable ethics' by other City Council Members in the City of Blaine (Minnesota) Mayor Tom Ryan unwittingly recently said it best: “People think politics are dirty, and they are right.”
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"Love the Website.  It's incredible."

"Looked at some of your life time; Great job. You looked like  a person that did his job well. We need good people like that; keep it up and GOD BLESS."
(And I'll CONTINUE To 'Watch Out' For Hamburg Resident's Taxpayer Dollars !!!)
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