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Normally, designing Webpages for the past eight or ten years has been easier and easier for me as I gained the knowledge and experience necessary to keep all of my Websites and their related Webpages interesting, appealing and informative. However, when I decided to make this particular Webpage intended to honor and salute retired Carver County Sheriff Bud Olson, I suddenly found myself at a point that I didn't know where to begin.

The dedicated person that was the Carver County Sheriff for twelve years has been an icon in Carver County and will always be fondly remembered for the dedication to his chosen profession, the office that he has held for  twelve years, his county and to all of Carver County's residents. I have no doubt that when future generations read about 'the new millennium' in Carver County, they'll learn that Sheriff Olson was the elected sheriff who made the most Law Enforcement advances in its history.

I've given countless hours of thought of how this Webpage dedicated to Sheriff Olson should be designed or 'laid out' and with each idea I came up with, I thought of additional thoughts of how it should 'look' in its final stage and what it should 'say' about the man who has been Carver County's "Top Cop" for twelve years. Initially, I was going to list Sheriff Olson's early jobs in Law Enforcement that I learned about during our personal conversations and interviews that were available on www.thedeltashow.com as well as on my Olde Tyme Music Internet and Variety Shows on www.247polkaheaven.com.

But I quickly decided that wouldn't be fitting and proper; nobody knows Sheriff Olson better than the good Sheriff himself. So what better person to talk about his very stellar career than our Sheriff. Now, mind you, he's a very modest person, shares the successes of his Office with, and gives credit to, those similarly qualified and dedicated members of his department, excuse me; office.

So rather than have me telling you most everything I know about Sheriff Olson, I've decided, instead, to let Bud tell his 'stories' to you once again.

Right here. On this Special Webpage. Dedicated to him.

I've dug into my computer and pulled out everything thing that I could find relating to Sheriff Olson. On this Webpage, you see the pictures that I've taken of him, and members of his department, excuse me; office. I've also made ALL of the interviews that I could locate between the Sheriff and me, available on this Website. One of these interviews was between Sheriff Olson, former Carver County Attorney Mike Fahey, who has since been appointed as a District Court Judge by Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty.

I personally wish Sheriff Olson, his wife Mary, a retired Bloomington Police Detective, and their family a well deserved retirement as they exit from their truly impressive Law Enforcement careers. I'm sure that I speak for the other residents of Carver County when I say, "Thanks, Sheriff Olson, for making our county a first rate place to live and making Carver County safe for all of us, day and night."

Lieutenant Jim Olson (no relation) will have 'huge shoes to fill' but by being a member of Sheriff Olson's 'Command Staff' for the past several years, that will make 'the passing of the torch' mostly transparent to all of us. While I don't know, and have never met Sheriff Elect Jim Olson, I have no doubt in my mind that he will carry on the tradition of the Carver County Sheriff's Office in Bud's fine tradition.

I first met Sheriff Olson in about March 2002 and it truly makes me sad to see Bud Olson 'ride into the sunset' as he enters retirement. Here we have an individual that started out as a young Police Officer in Detroit, Michigan and some thirty + years later, is retiring as the long serving Sheriff of one of Minnesota's most populated counties. I've enjoyed knowing him, both personally and professionally, and hope that he'll keep in touch with me, through more of our 'interviews' so that I may share those 'interviews' with you, my many friends, neighbors and fellow residents of Carver County.

Carver County has lost a great Law Enforcement Professional who has served us all well during his twelve year tenure. We've also lost a great friend and neighbor as Sheriff Olson and his family move to South Dakota.

Thanks, my good friend; I'm truly blessed to have met and known you. Enjoy your retirement; you've earned it.

Please keep in touch and BE SAFE !!

Hamburg Resident Dick Odoms
December 14, 2010
Whenever I would send Sheriff Olson a CD containing one of my interviews with him, I would also put a personalized CD label on it; usually one that contained a picture of him.

Once, when he received a particular CD, he mentioned how much 'grayer' his hair had gotten during his time while serving as Carver County Sheriff. While we all know that he'd never stoop to using Grecian Formula Number 9, I thought I'd see what I could do to show how he'd look today without his gray hair. Here's my rendition of how our Sheriff might look:  
Thanks, Sheriff Olson for your twelve years of service and dedication to the residents of
Carver County. May your well deserved
retirement be long and enjoyable !!
January 4, 1999 to January 4, 2011

This Website Is A Tribute To Long Time Carver County Sheriff Byron 'Bud' Olson Who Was Our Sheriff For  Twelve Years. The Audio Of As Many Interviews As I Could Locate Have Been Added To This Website.
Please Send Them To Me At [email protected]

Please Send Them To Me At [email protected]
Please Send Them To Me At [email protected]
Please Click On The Audio Link Below To Hear My Interview With Sheriff Olson Recorded On October 23, 2009 When He Announced That He Wouldn't Be Seeking A Fourth Term As Carver County Sheriff.
Please Click On The Audio Link Below To Hear My Interview With Sheriff Olson Recorded On April 24, 2007 When He Talked About Telephone And Mail Scams.
Please Click On The Audio Link Below To Hear My Interview With Sheriff Olson Recorded On April 16, 2008.
Please Click On The Audio Link Below To Hear My Interview With Sheriff Olson Recorded During One Summer Of His Second Term As Carver County Sheriff.
After Both Being Victorious In Their Reelection Efforts In The Fall Of 2006, Sheriff Olson And Carver County Attorney Mike Fahey Join Me As My Guests To Talk About Identity Theft And The Perils Of Drinking And Driving.
Please Send Them To Me At [email protected]
Please Click On The Audio Link Below To Hear My Final Interview With Sheriff Olson Recorded On December 14, 2010
Please Click On The Audio Link Below To Hear My Interview With Sheriff Olson As Heard On One Of My 'DELTA DICK' Olde Tyme Music Internet Shows Broadcast During The Summer Of 2005.
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Of the many guest that have appeared on my Internet Show Broadcasts over his three terms as the Sheriff of Carver County, Sheriff Olson was no doubt the most frequent (and popular). Right from the beginning, Sheriff Olson and I 'connected' because of our mutual careers in Law Enforcement; our Internet Show Broadcasts were like two top professionals in their field sitting across from each other exchanging information about our Law Enforcement experiences as our careers advanced.

While I retired from the Hennepin County Sheriff's Office in September 1984, Bud, who was working as a Sergeant with the Minnetonka (Minnesota) Police Department, would later be elected as the Sheriff of Carver County for an initial four year term and then continue to be re-elected for two more consecutive terms until his retirement from Carver County in 2011. Upon his retirement as Carver County Sheriff, Bud would continue his very valuable experience and contributions to Minnesota Law Enforcement Agencies statewide when he joined the Minnesota State Sheriff's Association as their Deputy Director of Training for the next two years.

After that, Bud and his wife Mary, a retired Bloomington Police Detective, finally realized their dream of moving to the Rapid City, South Dakota area to enjoy the comforts of retirement.

Not having communicated with such a frequent guest on my Internet Show Broadcasts, I decided to make a conscious effort to 'track him down' and see what he's been doing for (nearly) the past decade. I invited him to be a 'return guest' on an upcoming Internet Show Broadcast so that I, and my worldwide listening audience, could 'catch up' and what he's doing now.

Bud and I finally 're-connected' earlier this year and on February  8, 2020, Bud and I got together via telephone and talked briefly about our pasts; but, then; more importantly, about what he's 'been up to' since moving to South Dakota.

To hear our latest Internet Show Broadcast together, simply click on the audio control below.

And, of course, if you have any comments, thoughts, ideas or suggestions, or would like to be a guest on one of my very popular and informative Internet Show Broadcasts, please contact me via e-mail at [email protected].
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